Online KZ WR viewer

Try it now: KZ viewer – WIP

Source code for the web is hosted on github. The toolchain is also open source and hosted on github.

Here is a brand new project, currently work in progress. When the project is done, you will be able to:

  • View any KZ map.
  • Watch demos – whether world records, trickjumps or any other demos.
  • Watch battles (two WR runs side by side).
  • Watch shortcuts
  • Define and view trickjump positions.

Current state : 8%.

Development plan:

  1. Render map:
    • Wireframe
    • Flat
    • Textures – some are missing, must investigate further
    • Lightmaps
    • Lighting
  2. Add first person movement
  3. Show shortcuts/trickjumps/arbitrary paths
  4. Load demo and display path
  5. Load demo and enable playing the demo.

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  • rock

    nice project :) GL

    • Toni Petrina

      Thanks :)